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Flying Nobita
by Flying Nobita
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Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, etc

Table of Contents

  1. :books: Books
  2. :tv: Videos
  3. :newspaper: News
  4. :octocat: Dev
  5. :joystick: Games

:books: Books

Mastering Ethereum
Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Dr. Gavin Wood
A more technical overview of Ethereum protocol, Smart Contracts, dApps.

Chris Burniske
A good overview of the whole digital asset space, especially from an investment perspective.

Digital Gold
Nathaniel Popper Narrative history of Bitcoin, learning about who’s who.

:tv: Videos

An Introduction to Crypto: Beyond Cryptocurrencies (15 mins)
Linda Xie, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Scalar Capital
Quick overview of the digital asset landscape.

Ethereum in 25 Minutes Vitalik Buterin Quick overview of Ethereum and its ecosystem at Devcon 3, 2017.

:newspaper: News


:octocat: Dev

Learn Blockchains by Building One (Python)
Daniel van Flymen
East-to-follow guide on creating a blockchain from scratch with Python.

EthHub A list of Ethereum resources.

:joystick: Games

The Evolution of Trust Nicky Case A small fun game that explains trust from the perspective of Game Theory.