ZKP Projects Landscape
Flying Nobita
by Flying Nobita
~1 min read


There has been a lot of developments in the Zero Knowledge space recently. As someone who’s new in this field, I find all the different projects and the proof systems that are used to be overwhelming. Let alone diving deep into any of the proving system and understand how they work.

One particular piece of note that I keep coming back to is the survey of the ZKP systems and the projects that use them. Getting the “lay of the land” really helps me in gaining an overall understanding of the main usages of ZKP systems and how different projects incorporate them into their product design. This is especially important when today’s ZKP are considered composable and modular.

Lastly, it also helps me with raising questions and triggering my curiosity on which ZKP systems or projects to dive into next. I hope it does the same for you.

ZKP Projects Landscape

Note that given the high speed development in ZKP research and projects, there’ll be omissions, outdated information, or just mistakes. Please let me know and I’ll correct it. This survey is an ongoing effort.